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Fat Loss & Detoxification

Most of my clients come to me initially stressed, fatigued, unable to lose weight, low energy and exhausted.

Prior to doing any exercise because exercise is still a form of stress and by assessing my clients to see how physiologically loaded they are this will determine where we begin and often exercise is much later down the line because they need to press the “reset” button first on their physiology.

Toxins accumulate in our body many different ways;

  1. Poor nutrition and lifestyle factors- eating processed, low quality, inorganic meats, accumulation of alcohol, sugar, caffeine etc…
  2. Stress- when we are stressed our bodies pump out stress chemicals which is perfect when we need to be switched on and productive but if this is happening constantly in the background at a low level (which for the majority of city people it is!) then this alters our biochemistry creating a more acidic environment. This also applies to our thoughts and emotions. Negative thoughts, emotions and feelings also alters our biochemistry into a more acidic state where dis-ease can manifest.
  3. Environmental- even if you eat clean, rest well and train intelligently, if you live in the city you should still aim to detox every quarter.

In London air pollution is at the highest its ever been, that means tea re breathing in heavy metals- lead from car gases and many other toxic concoctions which sit deep in the tissues. Our body holds onto fat to store these toxins to create a barrier between the vital organs and toxins.

Stress + toxicity = inflammation.

What You’ll Need

  • Juicer (optional)

What You’ll Do

  • Detoxifying is the first process to fat loss, depending how physiologically loaded the client is would depend on where to start with detoxification process. For stage 1, I would begin simply by cleaning up the diet first.
  • Increase intake of dark green leafy veg and other green vegetables they contain high levels of chlorophyll from the green pigment which has an almost identical structure to red blood cells. This may help with cellular function and oxygenation. It is a natural detoxifier. Prioritise all animal products to be organic, grass fed and ethically raised. Cows eat grass not grains! Reduce greatly/ eliminate all processed foods, alcohol, dairy, gluten, sugar and caffeine. Perhaps add a green juice/ smoothie into your day. Cooking with ginger, turmeric and garlic are great natural anti inflammatories.
  • Rest is also key when detoxing as your body is going through restoration and accelerated repair which takes place mostly at night between 10pm-6am. I also recommend epsom/ magnesium/ himalayan salt baths a few times a week. I LOVE my salt baths, the salt will also help to draw out the toxins and aid sleep.