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5 ways to help you practice Self-Love

Just follow these simple steps to help you on your journey to self-love.

What You’ll Need

  • Journal (or just pen and paper)

What You’ll Do

  1. GRATITUDE JOURNAL– The attitude of gratitude is a powerful practice. Really good tip is to do this first thing in the morning/ and last thing before bed. You will start your day off with a different perspective/ go to bed with gratitude in your mind. Write down 5 things you are grateful for every day.
  2. MAKE SPACE FOR YOU– Take 5- 10 minutes a day on your own to be still whether that’s through deep breathing, meditation, yoga movement or just simply sitting in nature. Stillness helps to connect back to yourself and who you really are away from all the noise.
  3. BOOK IN FOR A BODYWORK SESSION/ THERAPY SESSION– Sometimes we take more care of our homes and cars than we do our bodies/ ourselves. You are your biggest asset and you only. your body is your home for life,Look after it! Invest in YOU, book a massage/ reflexology/ facial and just exhale whatever makes you feel good.
  4. LISTEN TO SOMETHING MOTIVATIONAL– I love beginning my day listening to a TED talk or Tony Robbins or Oprah Winfrey for 10 minutes to lift and inspire me.
  5. LOOK IN THE MIRROR and SAY I LOVE YOU, YOU ARE AMAZING– there is only ONE you, you are amazing, your re UNIQUE. Celebrate your UNIQUENESS