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3 Tips to Aid Weight Loss

The traditional model of weight loss in which I was taught many years ago was Eat Less, Exercise more!!

How far we have come since then.

This model of weight loss is nonsense, the days of calorie counting and food points is long gone. Increased stress levels, poor digestion and poor sleep quality and quantity create chronic inflammation in the body. Stress is important but if stress is constantly buzzing in the background at a low level then our hormones go out of sync, the stress hormone cortisol creates inflammation as it thinks it’s under attack but the ‘fight/ flight’ never happens and these hormones aren’t able to be detoxified if they are constantly on. Stress shuts down the digestive system, if you are not digesting your food properly- this is an inviting toxic environment in the gut for fungi and parasites- creating more inflammation.

Sleep is a major detoxifier of all the stress chemicals that have accumulated in the day, human growth hormone is released between 10pm-2am (this time is hard wired into our evolutionary brain). Human growth hormone helps with repair and replenishment of muscle, connective tissue, skin, hair, nails- hence the term ‘beauty sleep’. It also facilitates the burning of fat and rebuilding of muscle tissue. It also regulates the fat hormones leptin (which tells us when to stop eating) and ghrelin (stimulates appetite). Poor sleep quality and quantity can disrupt the signals of when to stop eating and when we are hungry. Making us eat more.

What You’ll Need

For successful and long term weight loss it is imperative to

  1. Get good quality and quantity of sleep, ideal times between 10pm-6am.
  2. Reduce stresssee my tips for stress, take time out in your day to stop, breathe and be still.
  3. Improve digestion– never eat in front of the computer or whilst multitasking, parasypathetic nervous stystem needs to be activated for digestion to occur. Drink a glass of water with lemon squeezed in 15 minutes before meals, this stimualtes Hydrochloric acid in the stomach necessary for digestion. When the body naturally detoxifies, weight loss occurs.