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Bridging Holistic Health, Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science

Supporting soul-led entrepreneurs and leaders to break the stress cycle and optimise health to thrive in life, business and leadership.

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Success in life, business and leadership starts from the inside out, where your health, energy and vitality are the foundation, paving the way forward for humanity. The world has changed, as old systems collapse the way of hustle, push and burnout is no longer sustainable, there is a ‘better’ way. 2024 is the year of health, healing and the rise of conscious leaders here to bring change to the planet. I am passionate about supporting purpose-led leaders to break the stress cycle and optimise health to bring their gifts and medicine to the world.

Francesca Blechner

Holistic Health Coach ⚛ Mind Body Alchemist ⚛ Entrepreneur ⚛ Author ⚛ Speaker ⚛ Lifestyle Consultant ⚛ Intuit

Hi, I’m Fran,

Through my 23 years of experience in health and well-being I have honed and mastered my craft. My skill is in connecting the dots between mind, body, emotions, lifestyle and dis-ease. I am an architect of health, viewing the body holistically as a system of systems.

As a mind-body alchemist, I facilitate my clients through somatic body and breathwork, moving physical and emotional trauma to rewire the nervous system. So that they can show up as EMBODIED leaders in the world with a FULL cup for life, business leadership and service.

Through deep listening and holistic health coaching we get clear on a self management blueprint for your health that aligns with your value system, fits into your lifestyle and supports you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I hold a safe and sacred space for deep healing and transformation to occur.

“My mission is to support those here to uplift humanity to optimise their health, energy and vitality so that they can bring their medicine to the world WITHOUT the burnout and BE the leader they were BORN to be .”

If you are a visionary, pioneer, conscious leader, soulpreneur, practitioner, coach or therapist tired of sacrificing your health, energy and relationships I may be the guide for you. 

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Coming Home Program

A 1 year container, journey of self-mastery for mission led high achievers. Focusing on health optimisation to walk unapologetically and powerfully in your path and purpose.                                                                                         


Awaken your Inner Leader

A 3 month transformational journey of breathwork, coaching and self-inquiry. Deepen your trust in yourself, embody who you BE and how you show up in the world.                                                                                                         


VIP Retreat Day for Soulpreneurs, Leaders and Creatives.

To show up in mastery of what you do and your mission in the world requires the full embodiment of who you BE. This is perfect for you if you are a leader, coach, healer, mentor, entrepreneur or business owner and need some time to fill your cup up, nourish yourself and charge your batteries.

Breathwork for Leadership, Single Session

Ready to take up more of your energetic container for life, business and leadership? Deepen in your own self mastery in this breathwork for leadership session. Understand how your own unique breath pattern may be impacting your life, business, relationships and success. 

Events and Retreats


Your Diaphragm is your GPS, 30th June, 2‐6pm London

Are you experiencing anxiety, stress or restless sleep? Do you wear a mouthguard at night due to teeth grinding? Do you experience digestive issues? If yes, this workshop is for you.


Getting to the Roots, 13th July, 2.30‐ 6.30pm, London

Today many people are living from the 'neck up' disconnected from their body and moving through the world feeling scattered and overwhelmed. This leaks a tremendous amount of energy and creates an inability to be fully present with life, business and relationships. In this workshop rewire your mind and body to claim your space in the world.


Join the wait list for the previously sold out 'Embodied Wisdom Series' and be the first to know when the next upcoming dates and details are announced.

Location, London



Self-care for Life in the City Paperback, £12.99

A powerful book for busy people who want to make conscious and empowering lifestyle changes to improve their health.


Daily Wellbeing Rituals, £27

A wellness card deck perfect for busy people who want to make conscious, sustainable and long lasting lifestyle changes.

Digital Products and Programs


Vision Board Masterclass + BONUS Activation, £33

Become the leader and creator of your life. Bring clarity, purpose and alignment for 2024 PLUS BONUS activation to activate the energetics and frequency of your vision board to help you EMBODY the vision you wish to create. Digital product, lifetime access.